We provide significant upside exposure to the high-growth carbon market:

As more and more governments and corporates globally feel the urgency of the climate crisis and make net zero commitments, the demand for carbon offset credits is set to grow significantly in coming years. Meanwhile, developers are increasingly getting acquired or locked into exclusive partnerships, further squeezing supply. This makes high-integrity projects in the Voluntary Carbon Market attractive to invest in.

We offer category-leading economics and impact:

The VCM is a complex operating environment, so we go the extra mile to ensure that we partner with the best-in-category developers and finance the most economically attractive, robust, and high-integrity projects. Our projects not only contribute to global climate action but also deliver tangible co-benefits to local communities, economies, and ecosystems.

Our long-term partnerships model differentiates us:

Our long-term partnership agreements ensure that we have a secure and enduring stream of high-quality carbon credits and revenue with fixed-cost terms, allowing us to benefit from expected future supply constraints. Our partnership model also means that we provide ongoing technical and strategic support to our partners, as well as access to best practice knowledge through our partner ecosystem.

Our team is experienced, high-performing and pioneering:

Our leadership and advisory board have substantial carbon and investing expertise, as well as a proven global track record of leading successful companies. We are innovators in carbon finance, constantly implementing creative solutions to unlock greater impact.