Partner Overview

BURN Manufacturing is a leading international cookstove company, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. They design, manufacture, and distribute the world’s most fuel-efficient and durable cookstoves[1]. BURN employs 1,500 people, more than 50% of whom are women, and they currently have operations in ten African countries (Kenya, Ghana, DRC, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Somalia, Senegal).

Since its establishment in 2010, BURN has demonstrated that clean cookstoves can deliver transformative social, financial, and environmental impacts. BURN’s stoves have positively impacted the lives of more than 12.7 million people, helping users save over US$490 million in household fuel costs. Environmentally, BURN’s stoves have helped save 6.6 million tons of wood, leading to the avoidance of 11.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

BURN is the only vertically integrated modern cookstove business in Africa, from product conceptualization to delivery, and has received extensive recognition for its cutting-edge innovation and environmental and social impact. In 2022, BURN started selling their pioneering electric cookstove which will continue to revolutionise the cooking sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

[1] CREEC, 2022; Yunus Social Business, 2022

Geographic Reach of BURN’s Existing and Future Operations

BURN Stoves

BURN’s stoves have been independently verified by top research and academic institutions as having a transformative impact on peoples’ lives

Study of BURN Wood Stoves in Kenya:

$180 of savings per household annually
91% of customers report improved durability
99% of customers report improved kitchen safety
93% of customers now spend less time cooking

Study of BURN Wood Stoves in Kenya:

295% IRR for households
54 mins saved cooking every day
0.5 SD improved in self-reported health outcomes
99% of customers recommend BURN stoves

Our Projects with BURN

Key Carbon has entered a strategic partnership to finance BURN’s global cookstove manufacturing and distribution operations in return for a share of carbon credits from the produced cookstoves. These carbon credits are technology-based avoidance credits. The stoves we fund will be distributed across 8 African countries: Somalia, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, DRC, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Phase 1 of the partnership, agreed in October 2022, is underway.

Impact Highlights


fuel-efficient cook stoves funded*

36.4 million

tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided*

4.6 million

lives positively impacted*

$129 million

in household savings per annum*

*Estimated future outcomes from investments committed

Environmental Benefits:
Environmental Benefits
Environmental Benefits:
  • In Africa, millions of people only have access to biomass or charcoal for cooking, driving high rates of deforestation. BURN charcoal and wood cookstoves reduce charcoal consumption by 64% and wood consumption by 71% respectively, slowing deforestation and preserving forests and biodiversity.
  • One BURN cookstove reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 4.46 tonnes of CO2 on average per annum, therefore helping to combat climate change.
*SDGs to be confirmed by the respective carbon credit verification body

Social Benefits:
Social Benefits:
  • The use of open fires and solid fuels for cooking is one of the world’s most pressing health and environmental problems, directly impacting close to half the world’s population and causing more than 4 million premature deaths each year [1]. Additionally, traditional charcoal stoves are inefficient and smoky, creating health problems, and incurring high fuel costs.
  • BURN stoves allow for clean and smokeless cooking, contributing to improved kitchen and living conditions in homes, communities, and cities. The Jikokoa reduces indoor air pollution (smoke, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide) by 65%, resulting in a decrease in respiratory diseases, headaches, and itchy eyes
  • BURN stoves are highly efficient, cooking faster than traditional stoves and using less fuel. Women and children, particularly girls, are mostly responsible for cooking and procuring fuel. A more efficient cookstove allows them to dedicate more time to other productive tasks such as education, growing food, and other income-generating activities
  • The use of a BURN stove contributes to significant economic savings on household fuel costs. BURN wood stoves save on average $120 annually, and charcoal stoves save $180 annually. These savings promote poverty reduction and improve access to healthcare
  • BURN stoves also demonstrate long-term sustainability, with the highest cookstove lifetime (5-7 years for charcoal)
  • Hundreds of thousands of households in East Africa benefit from BURN’s super fuel-efficient biomass appliances, providing widespread access to cleaner and more affordable energy sources

[1] The Clean Cooking Alliance,

*SDGs to be confirmed by the respective carbon credit verification body

Economic Benefits:
Economic Benefits
Economic Benefits:
  • BURN has established operations in nine African countries. The joint venture with Key Carbon will finance BURN’s expansion plans globally
  • BURN’s local manufacturing facility in Ruiru, Kenya employs more than 400 people. In addition, its operations have created 200+ jobs for sales, marketing, distribution, and monitoring staff
  • Each Jikokoa distributed generates a staggering $1,000 return for society (Berkouwer, 2022)
  • BURN’s solar-powered facility in Nairobi has an existing production capacity of 3 million cookstoves per year and with Key Carbon’s support is expected to expand to 12 million per year by 2025
*SDGs to be confirmed by the respective carbon credit verification body


“The Jikokoa Xtra is a God-sent gift to my family. Before getting my Jiko, a whole sack of fuel lasted only a month when using the ordinary Jiko, but with the Jikokoa stove now the same sack lasts for close to four months. Thank you, Jikokoa.”
Nelly Kadeny

Kisii county

“Thanks to Jikokoa I now have a clean and smoke-free kitchen. This great Jiko has also helped my family save a lot. Previously, while using the ordinary Jikos I spent one hundred shillings daily, but with my Jikokoa I spent only fifty shillings for two days. God bless you.”
Rose Njambi


“Before purchasing a Jikokoa, I was using traditional charcoal stoves and my kid used to get sick every week. Now after buying a Jikokoa she has never been sick. Thank you, Jikokoa team.”
Caroline Mumbi


“Before buying a Jikokoa I was using traditional charcoal stoves which were not long-lasting, I would replace them after 2 months and this was too expensive and inconveniencing. Now with a Jikokoa I am sorted and have no smoke.”
Ruth Kibor

Uasin gishu

“Now I can cook comfortably from the house after buying a Jikokoa. With my old traditional charcoal stove, I used to cook outside because of the smoke and the soot, which was challenging during the rainy seasons.”
Teresia Njoroge


“This Jiko has been a miracle in my kitchen. Ever since you gave it to me, my children’s health has improved because we no longer use the paraffin and charcoal stove. Coughing and red eyes are long forgotten now.”
Jane Njeri


Awards and Recognitions
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Award
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Award
Ashden Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award
Ashden Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award
Global LEAP Affordability Award:
Global LEAP Affordability Award:
Recognition as a Million Lives Club member