Ignus Rocher

Ignus offers experience in sustainability and environmental conservation. He has deep technical knowledge of carbon offset registries, categories, and methodologies, and understands the latest developments and emerging trends in the voluntary carbon market. He has a multifaceted role that includes informing Key Carbon’s project origination strategy, identifying and evaluating high-quality projects, publishing technical reports and advising clients on how navigate the complexities of carbon markets so that they can achieve their environmental and sustainability goals.

He also has experience with large infrastructure and natural capital projects, biodiversity conservation, land-use planning, and nature-based climate solutions. Previously, Ignus was part of McKinsey’s Nature Analytics service line, where he assessed how voluntary carbon offset programs can support conservation efforts; conducted scenario modelling to evaluate the ecological and socioeconomic benefits of different nature-based solutions; and identified high-impact and cost-effective opportunities to reach the UN’s 30X30 biodiversity goal.

Ignus holds an engineering degree from Stellenbosch University and specialized in energy efficiency and sustainability with the University of Cape Town. He has been a registered professional engineer since 2016 and worked for the Western Cape Government, where he performed transport simulation and land-use scenario modelling to reduce traffic and carbon emissions.